Pricing and Purchase Process

New Puppies Will Be Available in Mid 2021

When it comes to pricing a French Bulldog puppy, many variables come into play. Things like genetics, color, temperament, the intention of use, and more dictate the cost.

Below are the price ranges of our House of Wilson puppies.

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Rare Colors
Full Breeding Rights

Possible Show Quality

$10,000- $35,000 USD

Merle, Cryptic, Isabella, Platinum, Lilac, and Fluffy.

In addition to full breeding rights, your House of Wilson puppy will come with an authentic Louis Vuitton dog collar.

All Colors 
No Breeding Rights

Pet Home Only

$4,000- $10,000 USD

All colors, but pet-only homes, no breeding rights.


Owners will be required to sign a Spay/Neuter Contract.