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We are so excited to introduce you to GIANNI, the newest member of our Wilson Royal Family!


GIANNI is an extremely rare Isabella Frenchie, and he joined our Royal Family on February 1, 2021, after an extensive search and thorough research of his genetics. (He will be ready for A.I. breeding in the Summer of 2021.)


Rare colors in French Bulldogs are perhaps the most exciting development in this already delightful breed. Breeding rare color in French Bulldogs is serious business, one we don’t take lightly at The House of Wilson.


We are aware that rare colors in this breed can sometimes come with health issues, which caused us to conduct extensive research and acquire GIANNI from a reputable breeder specializing in rare colors, thus significantly reducing the risk of genetic disorders.


With his gentle nature and charming disposition, GIANNI is sure to produce exceptional offspring with a genetically appropriate match!

His genotype is [insert DNA results]

Isabella French Bulldogs

The “Isabella” color in French bulldogs comes from a dilution of the recessive gene. An Isabella Frenchie puppy can be born with a blue coat and mature to more of a pale greyish-brown or golden coat. For a puppy to acquire this rare coat color, he or she needs to have the genotype “dd.”


DNA of an Isabella Frenchie puppy will be “dd bb,” which means that he or she will have two copies of each chocolate and blue gene. The Isabella Frenchie is the only lilac that is testable for the chocolate gene; therefore, some French Bulldog breeders consider Isabella the true lilac.


This rare French bulldog color is usually the most expensive due to its stunning looks and variety of rare coats. Isabella Frenchies look decidedly different with lighter shades of noses and eyes.


With an approximate semen shipping date of xxxx, we are currently taking xxxx orders to breed this SIRE with your DAM [Matt, I need proper reserve and pricing text here.]


Serious buyers can contact Matthew Wilson directly at:



(469) 880-7730 = Cell

(469) 424-1912 = Business Land Line (leave message)

[Matt, do you want to list your other co-owned sires here? Or perhaps include links to those respective websites? Let me know.]


Also Available for A.I.


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Stud Service – A.I.


Wilson’s LOUIS (as in Louis Vuitton)

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