Our Training Schedule

This is just how we choose to train our Frenchie's. We are willing to help in any way we can to make sure you, and your puppy are trained together. But remember all the training in the world means nothing if you aren't consistent

Week 8

  • Puppy proof your home or apartment.

  • Buy a good crate 

  • Provide a good comfortable bed

  • Start recall training.

  • Start potty training.

  • Teach your new friend their name.​​

Week 9

  • Be Consistent 

  • Be consistent with mouthing training.

  • Start loose leash walking.

  • Start increasing crate time

  • Continue potty training

  • Continue Recall training.​

Week 10​

  • Complete potty training.

  • Continue increasing crate time to 30 minutes.

  • Start training "SIT".​

Week 11

  • Practice loose leash training on your property.

  • Continue sit training wherever possible

  • Their teething, mouthing might get worse!!!

  • Up to one hour in crate.

Week 12

  • Practice recall on walks.

  • Practice loose leash for longer periods with low distractions for short periods of time.

  • Start "STAY" training.

  • Practice recall with more distractions.

Week 16

  • Practice recall away from other dogs or distractions.

  • Practice loose leash in busier places.

  • "STAY" training for longer with increased distractions!

  • Crate time increased up to 2 hours.

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