All About RAW


Our dogs not only deserve the best, they need the best.

Although we may have domesticated animals that once roamed wild and free, we have yet to alter their fundamental internal mechanisms. While our petite French Bulldogs don’t resemble their wolverine counterparts, they nonetheless share the same digestive system—a system that was never meant to be fueled with artificial ingredients.


Many pet owners depend on the ease of purchasing dog food in large bags. Known as “kibble,” this food is ground-up ingredients shaped into pellets. Comprised of meat, grains, vegetables, and other materials, kibble is the most popular type of dog food. However, kibble is so processed that even the highest quality processes out the natural oils and enzymes. And it’s these natural oils and enzymes that are the reason for healthy, shiny coats, improved energy, and overall health. 


Manufactured dog food is based on meat derivatives and contains added sugars, preservatives, as well as other foreign ingredients that are detrimental to your dog’s long-term health. Additionally, it’s important to remember that many human foods are toxic and potentially fatal to dogs. While things like chocolate, raisins, mushrooms, onions, and walnuts may seem innocent, they are deadly for your dog.


So then, what do we feed our exceptional pets?


At The House of Wilson, we choose to feed our Frenchie’s Small Batch RAW Food. With a RAW food diet, your dog is eating as close to what they would have as wild animals, which is much more natural for their digestive system. The stomach pH in dogs is much lower than in humans, and as a result, they can break down RAW meat and bone easily. We capitalize RAW because, at The House of Wilson, our dogs’ nutrition is paramount and deserves emphasis.


Benefits of feeding a RAW diet:

  • Fresher breath

  • Cleaner, whiter teeth

  • Healthier skin

  • Healthier weight

  • Increase in appetite

  • Higher energy levels

  • Improved digestion

  • Shiny, soft coat

  • Better immunity

  • Reduction of allergies and intolerances

  • Less itching and licking

  • Clears up anal gland issues​

  • Stools are harder and less odorous

  • Less flatulence

Yes, feeding your exceptional pet a RAW food diet will take more time and money, but the benefits are well worth the effort. Many RAW-fed dog owners note cleaner, healthier teeth and gums from the natural cleaning and flossing effect of eating RAW meaty bones. And along with healthier teeth and gums comes fresher breath. Additionally, since RAW food is natural and not filled with additives, most skin and allergy problems disappear after a short time on a RAW diet.


Take our word; once you try this natural form of nutrition, you will never go back!

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We buy all our Small Batch dog food and supplies from ALL NATURAL PET SUPPLY in Battle Ground, Washington