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The genetic highway

  • At Wilson’s Frenchies Worldwide™, we don’t mind missing out on breeding's in order to insure the best genetic match- We third party test all of our genetics and meticulously comb through each of our Frenchie's genetic coding so we can make the perfect pairing for each particular liter. We have a passion to decrease health issues that are normally associated with this breed and feel you can only do that with the best genetic make up, and proper prenatal/postnatal care. 

  • Sadly inbreeding is not only legal, but a practice that is widely used in the breeding community. Here at Wilson’s Frenchie's Worldwide™, we will never inbreed our animals. please click this link to learn more "Inbred Dogs"

  • Our French bulldogs always eat a nutritious and organic RAW food diet, as well as hand selected supplements that are tailored for each individual pup. We use the top of the line product for everything that we do, or make it ourselves if the quality isn’t to our liking. 

  • Your future friends spend their entire lives here in our home before coming to yours, being hand raised and loved on by our entire family. 

  • Since your Frenchie will be in our home being closely watched, we are able to start a bit of training. Our dogs are never left alone in crates for hours and always have positive socialization not only with our children, but with our other wonderful animals!  We will give you our tried and true French Bulldog training guide so you know what we have been doing and can continue it through potty training and beyond. 

  • Here at Wilson's frenchies we are 100% Holistic with all our animals and our children, We believe strongly in this naturopathic lifestyle and would never change for anything. Your Frenchie's health is our utmost importance to us so we believe delayed vaccine schedule, titer testing, vaccine amounts by weight, and vaccines with no THIMERSOAL, and ALUMINIUM in them give your Wilson's frenchies the best fight their body can put up.

  • The quality of life for a Wilson’s Frenchie is the upmost of importance to us. This means that not every person will receive the opportunity to have one of our beautiful Frenchie's. If this happens to you we are sorry. If you are curious why we made the decision please feel free to call, or email and we will gladly explain our decisions to see if we can come to a mutual agreement. 

  • We aspire for your Wilson's Frenchie to reach their fullest potential. That is why we learned from animal behaviorists, researchers, and experts such as Scott & Fuller, DR. Michael W Fox, Pfaffenberger, and others to help your Wilson's Frenchie become what you have always wanted​.

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